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Affichage des articles du novembre, 2012

Eureka !

We all know the story of Archimedes who shouted out loud:  Eureka! i.e. I have found (it) !The story says, it struck him when was relaxing in his bath, thinking about a hard problem related to the physics of fluids.
But why did he have to shout out ? Some say he, then, jumped out of his bath, naked, running in Syracuse’s streets like a fool or maybe an illuminated man?   Yeah, sure, he had found it, and then what? Was the emotion so great that he had to lose control?  From my little experience, I can tell you that the Eureka feeling is not something to diminish.  It may even be what is really driving Science, far more than all the money in the world or the most seductive partner.  I am talking for theoretical sciences, like mathematics, physics and philosophy.
I argue that the Eureka feeling is like a drug.  Man may feel in darkness when he is confused and it is a very uncomfortable position.  So, he looks for an exit,  his head heats up as the brain strives to get out of the unknown.  …